Story About US

Chateau Margarite is not just a piece of heaven in the small community of Unity Hall, it’s an experience – one you aren’t likely to forget. Through the experienced hands of our licensed, bookable drivers, we offer comfort and peace of mind in our comprehensive transportation packages – a service that often sees drivers picking up our guests from the airport, and delivering them to our one-of-a-kind villa. This chauffeured segment of the experience that is Chateau Margarite is also an edifying one, as our drivers expertly deliver information on significant sites and landmarks along the roadway. And, if you are a fan of this, there is an extended cross-island/inland tour crafted specially for you, which is undoubtedly equally as adventurous. To top it all off, our Tourist and Transportation Boards-licensed and accredited vehicles will deliver you safely to and from your respective locations, whatever you’re embarking on a fun-filled excursion, or simply moving about the beautiful island. For a more personalized transportation experience, our guests are welcomed to consult with any of the numerous Rent-a-Car agencies scattered across the island, and should not hesitate to ask for recommendations. So come, your piece of paradise is waiting.


Here at Chateau Margarite, love is at the core at everything we do. It’s the driving force behind our services, and it’s the ultimate connection we aim to establish with our valued guests. That means that when it comes to our various custom wedding packages, we understand the needs you may have. You want to be fully and blissfully engrossed in your beautiful love story, and we want make that as easy as possible for you to do. Whether you are choosing to tie the knot or renew your vows, allow us to handle the details. Big or small, indoors or outdoors, our professional and personalized weddings and events planning services are all structured to ensure that you get the very best out of all your experiences. We know our guests are quite capable of handling their own plans, but allowing us to do that for them, will open them up to an exhilarating and liberating experience of bliss, love and lifelong memories.


One stop at our very own Island Spice restaurant, and you won’t stop talking about it! When you think of authentic, sumptuous, mouth-watering Jamaican food, you’ll need to look no further than this place! Our chefs were not only trained in the fine art of preparing original Jamaican dishes but – get this – they grew up having these very same dishes! And that makes it personal for them, so if we had to put a secret ingredient to the whole thing – that would be it. Their only mission, whether they are cooking our famous curry chicken, brown stew, or Ackee and Saltfish, is to leave you satisfied, and craving for more. This, dear guests, is what separates our Island Spice restaurant from any other there is – it’s authentically and unapologetically Jamaican. For an island of people all passionate about cooking, that authenticity is the difference. You’ll see.


Our top-of-the-line transportation services are here to make your journey, from pick-up to drop-off, as seamless as possible. That’s why Chateau Margarite offers only the best to our guests in that department. We are able to pick up our guests from the airport, as well as transport them back once their stay is concluded. This is not just a standard pick-up and drop-off service, it’s a living, breathing part of the Chateau Margarite experience, so you can expect to be thrilled right throughout.


When our guests arrive on our doorsteps, it is not uncommon to recognize a palpable lust for adventure in their eyes. In fact, with Jamaica being a treasure trove of adventures lurking around almost every corner, we have made sure to craft mind-blowing tours and excursions for our guests to capitalize on this. The Chateau Margarite tour and excursion packages are structured to create memories that will last a lifetime. We have gone above and beyond to ensure that you will experience Jamaica in a way that you haven’t before, and we can’t wait to see the look on your faces once you get a touch of that. Here at Chateau Margarite, adventure awaits.